About me

Who am I?

I’m autodidact, gamer, web developer, passionated about chess, jazz, folk and gypsy songs.

More about me

Crazy for computers since childhood, started play chess at age of 6, solving puzzles and building entire cities and experience virtual lives at 10 in SimCity and TheSims respectively. Amazing times!

Had always a passion about Internet and how it truly connects people and change the way information is exchanged around the globe.

Love to find out great designed applications around the web, with the perfect balance between effects, user interaction, well distributed data, fast and well written.

Seems easy but actually there is a lot of hard work behind all that, lots of try outs and failures and, as strange as it sounds, but the most “simple things” are the most difficult to accomplish. I think someone already said that.

With no more to say, if you want me to be part of your team or just ask me some help in your project, please get in contact with me.

All the best! Cheers! :-)