All-in one APIs Integration


The goal of this project was to create a Wordpress plugin using PHP that connects to three Marketplace APIs: MercadoLibre, ZonaProp-Navent and OLX.

Big part of the job was to read every documentation and model the way our APIPublishingWrapper had to be created so we could get the same properties fields generated by another WP Real Estate Plugin and then have tem in the format required by each API. Otherwise the APIs would not accept our POST/PUT payload. Sweet :-)

For every API we had to authenticate first, the great and positive aspect of the integration is that some of the APIs like ML has an extensive and well documented API, which give us even a Validator Out-of-box which allows us make a Request to it and have our payload checked againt their API Schema Standard Before actually try to send, giving us useful information in return. That was fantastic, and of course, we had to implement it so our APIPublishingWrapper could access this validator in case the Portal Network was ML.

This was one part of the job, read, understand how each API Schema Works and the way they were built. Then second we had to build our clean and concise UI/UX.

Finally we could dive into actually code our WP plugin parsing data from the API, enabling OAuth2 Authentication, Token Refresh and also getting data and comparing with our DB data.



Setting all the API Keys and Secrets in one place

As also the redirect OAUTH callbacks and also the automatically response system that some APIs like the one that MercadoLibre provides which allows us to catch automatically the questions made by our clients in the products we are selling, in this particularly case, real estate.


Generate a XML to be exported

Generate a XML file automatically from the data inside the database in the format that OLX could read and enabled it always through a WP REST API endpoint

Check here the output of the OLX WP REST Endpoint enabled.