[] ForumTDD finish

[] RESTAPI code + PHIL APIRY and Swagger Doc, test the API.

[]! PHPLab 6 hours, code the ones needed — Fundamentals —- PHP magazine —- PHP modern —–MongoDB && PHP —-MongoDB - GraphQL and Golang —- Books [] CSVDataEntryApplication + React? TestDriven.

[] Guindastes.com API, anguCRM, web 8 hours. flow - development! QA / globocenter [] JavascriptLab 6 hours -

[] gulp, webpack, sass, postcss study. [] Docker, Pipeline Heroku, Vagrant, GitHub Travis, Circle, Jenkins, Ansible, Other DevOpsTools [] Bash, Postgree, Docker Kubernete!, DevOps job – tools –CI/CD Article – GIT issues

[] MongoDB [] Node.js! ExpressJS [] MEAN :: meanshop - create from zero - updated 9DAPPS.io in Amazon [] React.js 6 hours [] Board - study techniquee :: programming > algorithms > c/c++, java, golang, rust, javascript [] Design Patterns > implementations main idea [] Agile, SOLID, Agile developing [] Japanese - add SongComponent? to it. It will be re used in Subasta []React.Expensify, Scaffold! —> Subasta Firebase []Manta::Electron - PuntoVenta RojoExpressSis V1. [] Python!! + Django + Flash + Httpie »> HappyBIR === PHP Project study it » implement with Crowd, InterNations :: Offer. Prototype. CS. DataStructures, DataCamp Study

[] Golang Course, Java, C++ Data Structures and Math!!! »> Safari, CS Harvard, Agile Berkeley, Interview! [] GraphQL »> modeling Hachyko [] Typescript!! +++ AngularUniversity!!!!!!! EggHead [] Angular2-5 1 && 2 »> Create our Hachyko APP

RestAPI Guindastes Blog::Portafolio/Articles/Strucutre/Travis/madeMistake/Skills/AboutMe/OctupusNinja

9dapps.io Base - staging? Heroku - Amazon staging, production? Pipelines, travis/circleCI Focus on testDriven and flow ForumTDD PHP7Ecommerce Yii MeetsPlanner Ionic APP

CSVDataEntry == Manta LandPage? Free?

Backup: have all the folders, database, clean system. Laracast Tooling. Vim.
Manual: my tools - repos> so it will be easier to install in our new machine HP/Lenovo.

[] OrganizeBlog [] Article: Git conflicts expert. Git pro. Git Hooks and Pipelines. Top Git Problem Solve and efficiency. How Git Internals. JMac.

[] Article: Searchs Study() examples - cases - AngularElasticSearch, Algolia.

[] Article: Debug as a Ninja. IssueTracker, Log, Reverse Think Chess Master, TDD-small chuncks, Git binary, Laravel Tools, pointers, see errors - set Envs. Googling right, right message: stackoverflow-understand what is going on, take a break. Restart from safe land. Study more this theme. Exceptions Tools, Sentry, IssueTracker tools connected to Slack - JIRA-commits. TravisCI - Docker.

[] Documenting – OMIE!! case, OROCRM!! Yii Document, Codeigniter, Document? tools - best Practices, types of documentation. Software Engineer. Purpose. API.

[]SOAP, REST, Integration, microServices, Digital Certiified, policies?? Queues–Batchs, Notifications, Bot?System used in Brazil, here?, Security!! Other implementations, CISE!!, Searchs-Documents, CSV, PDFs, CAM identification —- Atendize QR. –separate

[]CiCalendar! + testDriven + OWASP - Authentication - policies?? []Yii MeetsPlanner + testDriven []laravel geoLocation separate - scaffold:: i18n + URLs []php7ecommerce []Symfony2!!! []Symfony3 — Angular []Symfony3-FullStack

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